About Life Artistry

But we must not forget that only a very few people are artists in life; that the art of life is the most distinguished and rarest of all the arts. Who ever succeeded in draining the whole cup with grace?
— CG Jung

The Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination and Vocation offers quality, graduate-level courses and seminars to enrich and inspire your life and work informed by the wisdom traditions of depth (Jungian and archetypal) psychology.  

Since opening in 2016, our educational courses and seminars have attracted psychologists, career counsellors, artists, writers, psychiatrists, social workers, molecular biologists, dance teachers, university professors, Jungian analysts, transpersonal counsellors, secondary school teachers, nurses, medical doctors, organisational change managers, learning development consultants, geologists, lawyers, yoga practitioners, sustainability educators, architects, town planners and more!   

The Centre emerged from a long-standing vision and calling to facilitate high-quality educational opportunities in the field of depth psychology in Australia and New Zealand. The founder Dr Suzanne Cremen began her working life in 1991 as a lawyer in Sydney. Suffering depression and other symptoms she was aware that something essential within her – her soul, or spirit – was dying in that environment. The quest for an authentic vocation led Suzanne to work in over 20 occupations, including as a publisher and conference producer with leading international organisations.  Eventually, she drew upon her experience and skills in career transitioning to requalify as a holistic career counsellor. She made a 'tree-change' with her husband James Davidson to the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Australia, where she established a successful careers practice for adults in midlife called Life Artistry.  The name Life Artistry had come to her years earlier in a dream, long before she knew what it was. 

Family Tree  (2001) Alison Berry.

Family Tree (2001) Alison Berry.

Despite the value of mainstream career counselling and development approaches, these are limited in supporting the person who desires to attune to and live a more soul-centred calling, one which arises from a deeper place in the psyche than the conscious ego. Nudged further by dreams and synchronicities, Suzanne completed two Masters degrees, in Engaged Humanities and Mythology, and in Depth Psychology (Jungian and Archetypal Studies) at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in the United States.

Education of the proper kind brings into view the order and sense in matters of the heart that otherwise seems elusive, and positions the heart to play a significant role in affairs of the mind.
— Thomas Moore

The radically transformative and healing power of a depth psychologically oriented education affirmed to Suzanne the importance of such education being available to others in her homeland. Given the complex and pressing ecological, social, economic, and political challenges of our times, the necessity for the inner spark and true ‘genius’ of each person to awaken is not only of personal significance, it is of essential importance if we are to conceive and create a sustainable collective future.

In addition, the potential for extending the ideas and insights from the humanities and depth psychology towards a profound re-imagining of the role of work in our lives was palpable to Suzanne.  This became the focus of her PhD thesis, on “The re-enchantment of work: A depth psychological approach to vocation and career”, and led to the establishment of the Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination and Vocation in Melbourne.

Each year Dr Suzanne Cremen invites some of the finest teachers she knows from around the world to bring their talents on board.   Meet our Guest Faculty here.   

Since 2016, the Life Artistry Centre has been proud to offer high-quality, tremendously well-reviewed seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats in Australia on:

  • The Archetypal Basis of Calling Part 1: Jung and Hillman on Purpose and Soulmaking – with Dr Glen Slater

  • The Archetypal Basis of Calling Part 2: Joseph Cambell on Myth and Meaning – with Dr Safron Rossi

  • The Afternoon of Life: A winter retreat to discover authentic vocation – with Dr Jennifer Selig and Dr Suzanne Cremen

  • The Deep Psychology of Money, Vocation as Psyche’s Call and Complexes as Pathways to Vocation – with Dr Suzanne Cremen

  • Ensouling our Work: Lessons from Ecopsychology, Spiritual and Indigenous Traditions – with Professor David Tacey and Dr Suzanne Cremen

  • How Psyche Speaks: Archetypal & Mythic Perspectives for Life & Work – with Dr Glen Slater and Dr Safron Rossi

  • The Feminine Face of Power: Becoming Transformational Elders – with Dr Cynthia King

  • Retire your Family Karma – with Ashok Bedi MD

  • Imaginal mind, indigenous Self: Activating deep relationships with nature through dreams, poetry & pilgrimage – Nov 2018 with Professor Veronica Goodchild and Professor Robert Romanyshyn

  • Psyche, Nature and Cosmos: Reimagining Inner and Outer Worlds (an educational retreat) – April 2019 with Dr Glen Slater and Dr Safron Rossi

In addition, Dr Suzanne Cremen has developed and delivers a unique annual program of intensive courses on aspects of depth psychology and vocation.  The four graduate level courses which comprise this program are personalised, affordable, creative, modular, and designed especially for people in Australia and New Zealand:

Life Artistry's courses are currently available online and in Melbourne for residents of Australia and New Zealand, and often accompanied by residential seminars presented by leading international speakers.

Please join our contact list to stay informed about our forthcoming events and early-bird offers, and drop us a line or telephone (03) 9444 0570 if you have any queries.  

We welcome your involvement and hope to meet you soon!


[The paintings featured throughout our site are from the
'Many Worlds' series by Alison Berry, and used with permission.]