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5 July - 5 September 2018

Course instructor:

Suzanne Cremen  PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology, MA Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW).

The first great problem in life is not to have a true calling; not to recognize the distinct pull of a true vocation. The problem is not the lack of a career, but the absence of a genuine vocation capable of provoking one’s genius and inspiring one’s heart.
— Michael Meade


The original meaning of vocation is to be addressed by a voice. Today the phrase 'vocational education' commonly refers to learning the skills of a particular trade. However, the true meaning of vocation derives from the Latin vocatus, meaning 'calling'. 

Archetypal psychologist Thomas Moore described vocation as 'a calling from a place that is the source of meaning and identity, the roots of which lie beyond human intention and interpretation'.  Yet how do we hear this call, and how do we answer it?

Wellspring  detail (2000) Alison Berry.

Wellspring detail (2000) Alison Berry.

This course begins with orienting participants to a classic approach to career development, identifying skills, interests, values and constraints, and exploring the value of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (based on CG Jung’s theory of psychological types) for career decision-making. All of this is extremely valuable for navigating your way in the world of work today.

Yet at the edges where conventional approaches to careers begin to fray, a depth psychological understanding of vocation comes into play.  This values the imagination and the unconscious – the psyche, which is the Greek word for soul – as a source of wisdom and guidance.  You will be introduced to Jung’s foundational ideas of the psyche, and to mythologist Joseph Campbell’s notion of the 'hero’s journey'. Understand their significance for uncovering and transforming old concepts, ideals and emotional patterns that may no longer serve you.  We will discuss ways by which individuals may be called, via symptoms such as depression and 'midlife crisis', beyond existing career paths into a deeper sense of vocation, and how to read and respond to these signs.

You will begin to re-imagine notions of work and calling in a framework of career inquiry and decision-making that includes collaboration with the psyche or soul.

Approaching work and career as a journey of soul changes the typical career question from 'What do I want to do?' to
'What does my soul want?'
'What is wanted at a level beyond and beneath consciousness?'  
'What is it within me that is seeking expression?'

Each week includes a lecture/ presentation, readings from selected authors, activities and discussion, with individual attention and feedback from the instructor (written feedback is provided to participant responses in the online course).   A reading list of books will be provided on registration.  

Your choice of online or face-to-face formats

The 8 week intensive course is offered in two separate formats – online or face-to-face in Hawthorn, Melbourne.  Choose your preference!

Many people enjoy the personal and community aspect of a face-to-face course.  So drawing on the practices of circle, we are delighted to offer this course for 3 hours each  Saturday afternoon at 'Sacred Space' at the Habitat Uniting Church, Hawthorn (Melbourne).  

However, the separate online format is also surprisingly intimate, great for reflection and writing, and so convenient as you can work each week at a time and place to suit you. Students are frequently surprised by how conducive the online space can be for personal reflection, connection with others and soulwork. 

Both online and face-to-face formats are the same in terms of content:  weekly lectures, readings, activities and discussion.  The face-to-face course includes your personal binder with course materials and handouts.  Each course is limited to 8–10 participants to ensure personal attention from the instructor, Dr Suzanne Cremen. 

What participants have said about our past courses: 

“I LOVED this course. Over the past 20 years I have had many questions in relation to my vocation and various careers and for me this questioning has created its fair share of worry and concern. After completing this course I felt more at peace with my vocational exploration and discovered ways to approach my exploration in a more imaginative way, thank you so much Suzanne!" – Rochelle, Artist and Academic Researcher

“Career as a Journey of Soul provides a unique, inspiring and personalised approach to vocational calling. The lectures are beautifully presented and jam-packed with rich, thought-provoking material. Suzanne provides intuitive and beautiful commentary that invites new perspectives and shifts in self-understanding. I also really benefited from hearing other people’s journeys and could hear so many aspects of my own story reflected back. The course material and Suzanne’s commentary has really opened up new avenues of vocational exploration for me and I’m so pleased! A superb and highly recommended course.” – Alex, Psychologist

"Initially, I wondered if I would really get anything out of this course – if I may be repeating a career / vocation exploration pathway similar to things I had done in the past. But this course provided me with new information and knowledge around the concept of vocation, and the phases and pathways in life. I found great value in the reading material provided and viewing vocation from a completely different perspective. I gained much greater insight into myself and my intrinsic behaviour through the depth psychological process. I feel much more at peace, and have much more clarity about how my career can form an extension of my soul's vocation." – Josie, Learning and Development Consultant

"I have loved this course! The lectures, readings and discussions have carried me across an ocean of new understanding, and despite having not one but two dreams of being on a boat that is capsizing, I've managed to keep my head above water. Thank-you Suzanne, for bringing this course material to us all in such a dynamic and stimulating format, and for all of your thoughtful comments along the way. Thank-you, too, to the other members of the course who have witnessed the movements of my soul." – Sarah, Psychiatrist

"I found this course profound both as an introduction to depth psychology through the lens of vocation and as a powerful precursor to deep awareness and personal change in my approach to career, calling and vocation.  My whole life has changed as a result of the insights that arose out of this inquiry into vocation.  Suzanne is a wonderful teacher and guide and is bringing a much needed creative access to depth psychology in Australia. Highly recommended." - Delaney Jane, Steiner High School Director

“Dear Suzanne, just a final note of appreciation for what has been an important and very useful 8-week interlude within ‘my short personal journey between 2 mysteries’.  A regular return each week to your voice provided a warm wise and welcome continuity for this course and a reassuring story-like quality to the external narrative that accompanied our exploration of our own inner lives. Thanks too for listening so carefully to our personal stories and for responding with such delicacy to our posts.”  Geoff, Medical Educator

Read more testimonials here

Will this course benefit me?

If you’ve achieved a degree of proficiency or success at work, but are

  • feeling stuck, and wrestling with deeper questions of meaning and purpose,

  • concerned for the state of our world and want your work and life to make a positive difference,

  • an educator, artist or healer (in the widest sense) wishing to enhance your personal and professional development, or

  • feeling a pull towards some new project, venture or career direction (especially one that’s outside the box!),

then a depth psychological approach to vocation and career development will benefit you.  This program will also suit individuals who are intuitive and appreciate metaphor and imagination as modes of comprehension.

The required reading and level at which our courses are taught is designed for adults with a tertiary education (any discipline). To ensure the program is suitable for your needs, course participants are requested to complete an online application form.  

Download a course flyer here.

Course instructor:

Dr Suzanne Cremen  PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology, MA Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW).

Please contact Suzanne if you have any questions. 

Announcing 2019 courses soon
contact us to be on the waitlist


To ensure personal attention, each class size is limited to 8-10. The online course is currently limited to residents of Australia and New Zealand.  If you are interested and  live outside Australia and New Zealand please contact us for course information.

Partial scholarships are available for people who would benefit from this work and are unable to attend for financial reasons. If this applies to you, please indicate your situation on the application form

To register, please complete the online application form and make payment below. 

Course fees

Please note that the face-to-face format is more expensive due to the provision of materials, refreshments, Dr Cremen's travel and presentation time, and venue hire.  

Online AU$995.  Concession AU$935.  
Early-bird special only $885 if paid before 5 May 2018 (save up to $110!)

Face-to-face AU$1,120.  Concession AU$1060.  
Early bird special for the 8 week course on Saturday afternoons from 2.00–5.00 pm in Hawthorn – only $985 if paid before 5 May 2018 (save up to $135!). 

Pay by Direct Deposit (preferred method):
BSB: 313 140 (Bank Australia, Kew, Victoria) 
Account number: 14073170
Account name: eContent t/a Life Artistry

or Credit Card/ PayPal:

Face to Face Course (July-Sept 2018) Sacred Space, Hawthorn
Online Course (July-Sept 2018)

Cancellation policy

  • $100 fee applies per cancellation

  • Prorata refund per cancellation (less $100 fee) before week 3 of the course

  • No refund available after week 3.