Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Perspectives on Vocation

A unique 6 week intensive online course

11 JULY – 4 SEPTEMBER 2019 

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course instructor:

Suzanne Cremen  PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology (Jungian & Archetypal Studies), MA Engaged Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW)

"A good life is one hero journey after another. Over and over again, you are called to the realm of adventure. You are called to new horizons."  

– Joseph Campbell

From a depth psychological perspective all products of the human imagination have an archetypal basis, including the most sublime art, ingenious ideas and cathartic social movements. 

Appreciating how archetypes move within and structure our lives can awaken a wellspring of creativity and ingenuity in our work.  For an individual’s creative potential and calling to bloom, it is necessary to have a vital, dialectical engagement with the archetypal realm.  Yet how can this be cultivated?

This 6 week intensive course builds on the previous course Career as a Journey of Soul: Introduction to a depth psychological approach to vocation (CJS1).  In this new course, we will look at ways in which understanding Jung’s concept of archetypes and archetypal patterns can enable individuals to make more conscious vocational choices that are profoundly resonant and potentially healing to the psyché, or soul.

Reading from key works and drawing upon selected myths and films as a gateway into the imagination and the unconscious, participants will deepen their understanding of Jung’s theory of archetypes, and their relevance for perceiving the source, trajectory and fulfilment of vocation, as a calling from the psyché or soul.   We will look at ways by which individuals can gain insight into their particular archetypal pattern(s) or ‘personal myth’, with a view to illuminating their larger calling.

In a small group format, this course employs a fun mix of stimulating lectures, readings, real-life stories, films, reflective work, narrative activities and online discussion, to address topics including

  • Identifying one’s dominant and shadow archetypes and understanding how these relate to vocation

  • The effect of archetypal fields in occupations and workplace cultures

  • The significance of the split archetype for revivifying one’s work in the helping professions

  • Incorporating an archetypal approach in career development and vocational guidance – benefits and risks.

In addition, this course will examine the relevance of the ancient Platonic idea of a daimon, or what the Romans called the genius, as a soul companion who guides an individual vocationally.  “Anyone with a vocation hears the voice of the inner man: he is called.  That is why the legends say that he possesses a private daimon who counsels him and whose mandates he must obey.” (Jung CW17, para. 299).  In recent years the idea of the daimon has been revived by James Hillman and Donald Kalsched in psychotherapeutic practice as a hybrid form of existence within the mytho-poetic world, participating in both material and spiritual reality.  We will explore how childhood recollections can hold the key to connecting with one’s daimon, as well as the paradoxes and difficulties that arise when attending to one’s daimon as a vocational guide.

Wellspring  detail (2000) Alison Berry.

Wellspring detail (2000) Alison Berry.

Each week includes a lecture/ presentation, readings from selected authors, activities and online discussion with personal feedback from the instructor.   A reading list of books will be provided on registration.

Convenient online format

The online format is so convenient as you can work each week at a time and place to suit you.  Students are frequently surprised by how conducive the online space can be for personal reflection, deepening connection with others and soulwork.  Each online course is limited to 8–10 participants to ensure personal attention from the instructor, Dr Suzanne Cremen.

What past participants have said about this course: 

" I have so enjoyed the Archetype, Myth and Cinema course. Suzanne has a wonderful way of bringing to life the hidden meanings and impulses in her commentary to our posts. I have found all the Life Artistry courses and seminars immensely enriching and life changing. The work goes on long after each module or course has finished." -- Diane, Artist and Therapist

"This course has been very helpful, both on a personal and professional level.

Personally, I was raised in a monotheistic tradition and I think that despite developing a broader spiritual perspective, I had subconsciously dismissed mythology and all its gifts. This course gave me a new and deeper perspective and I am sure the gifts from this will continue to unfold.

Professionally I have always been most interested in client's stories and helping them identify their personal themes (as opposed to the sharper job-search side of things) so your approach has given me another layer to tap into which I am very grateful for.

I found the structure and delivery of the course worked very well and helped motivate me on an ongoing basis; it was always a pleasure to open up the week’s content and see what might be next. I really appreciated reading everyone’s reflections and learnt much from them also." -- Michelle Mearns, Career Coach

"I was a bit uncertain as to what this course would be about and if I would get value. But I was ready for a new experience and learning something new so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m glad I did.

The Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Approaches to Vocation course was great and I am really glad to have learned so much about something that in retrospect I knew so little about. For the first time, I was able to identify a vocational leaning for myself that was not simply a product of my rational mind. Going back to early memories was much more powerful and insightful. Overall I have learned a lot about archetypes, which has contributed greatly to my ability with tarot and my work as an organisational change manager. Both were key focus areas for this study and the results have definitely come through for me. But I also realise that this is a beginning and that I have so much more to learn.

Thanks very much for this experience – it’s a life changer." -- Ché Broekman, Senior Organisational Change Manager

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Will this course benefit me?

This program will particularly suit individuals who appreciate metaphor and imagination as modes of comprehension, and wish to further their understanding of archetypal psychology.  It's recommended that you have completed the Career as a Journey of Soul course first, for an introduction to both Jungian psychology and career development.   

 If you’ve achieved a degree of proficiency or success at work, but 

  • feel yourself turning towards soul-making — what the Romantic poet John Keats and the archetypal psychologist James Hillman described as a process by which life and work deepens into meaning

  • desire to tap a larger source of creative inspiration and imaginative potential in your work

  • are seeking a sound approach to depth psychology with personal and professional applications

then this course will benefit you.  

The required reading and level at which our courses are taught is designed for adults with a tertiary education (any discipline). To ensure the program is suitable for your needs, course participants are requested to complete an online application form.

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Continuing Professional Development
Members of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) receive 10 OPD (ongoing professional development) hours on completion of this six-week course in September 2019.

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Dr Suzanne Cremen  PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology (Jungian & Archetypal Studies), MA Engaged Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW)

Please contact Suzanne if you have any questions.


To ensure personal attention, each class size is limited to 8-10. The online course is currently limited to residents of Australia and New Zealand.  If you are interested and  live outside Australia and New Zealand please contact us for course information. Upon registration, participants will receive a course syllabus, reading list and log in details.

Partial scholarships may be available for people who would benefit from this work and are unable to participate for financial reasons. Staged payment options may also be available. If this applies to you, please indicate your situation on the application form

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