Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Perspectives on Vocation

What’s your archetypal story?

Syllabus - WINTER 2019


11 JULY – 4 SEPTEMBER 2019 

InstructorDr Suzanne Cremen PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology (Jungian & Archetypal Studies), MA Engaged Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW); certified practitioner Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Module 1Course introduction: Understanding Archetypes (11 July 2019)                 

We begin by exploring Jung’s theory of archetypes - the various descriptors / metaphors for archetypes; the difference between an archetype and archetypal image, and the value of moving away from thinking about archetypes as nouns.


Module 2Working archetypally – Archetypes and Vocational Callings (18 July 2019)

You’ll consider what archetypes are active or seeking expression in your life, what is in your shadow, and the relevance of archetypes for understanding vocational callings


Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Perspectives on Vocation

WINTER 2019: BREAK 25 July – 31 July

Module 3Mythology as textbook of the archetypes (1 August 2019)

Finding the myth underlying one’s personal story is a means of identifying the archetypes most active in one’s psyche.  We will look at how to identify and work constructively with a resonant myth, mythic pattern or mythic figure in your own life.


Module 4Archetypal Patterns and Fields (8 August 2019)

When choosing a career direction, it is important to consider one’s archetypal resonance with both occupation and workplace culture. In this module we’ll consider the compelling effect of archetypal fields in occupations and work environments and how to work with these more consciously and constructively.


Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Perspectives on Vocation

WINTER 2019: BREAK 15 August – 21 August

Module 5: Nudged by the Daimon (22 August 2019) 

In this module we’ll explore and critique James Hillman’s popular book, The Soul’s Code, and consider the ancient Platonic idea of a daimon, or what the Romans called the genius, as a soul companion who guides an individual vocationally. 


Module 6: Tracking your personal myth, unfolding your soul’s calling (29 August  2019)         

In this final module you will engage in reflective activities, childhood recollections and creative writing to integrate theoretical insights and illuminate a clearer sense of your calling and vocational direction.


Readings and selected articles are provided upon course registration.

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Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Perspectives on Vocation

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