Transforming Complexes as Pathways to Vocation

Callings seeded in childhood, ancestral or cultural wounds



11 JULY – 4 SEPTEMBER 2019 

InstructorDr Suzanne Cremen PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology (Jungian & Archetypal Studies), MA Engaged Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW); certified practitioner Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Module 1Welcome and Introduction to Complexes (11 July 2019)

We begin by exploring Jung’s theory of complexes - how they can derive from personal wounds (often originating in childhood), the collective wounds of our culture, or the traumas and patterns of previous generations; and the relevance of complexes for understanding vocational calling.  


Module 2Complexes Stemming from Personal and Childhood Wounds (18 July 2019)

A complex can frequently be traced back to a wound in childhood. Many people’s vocational choices are, consciously or unconsciously, an attempt to heal these wounds and complexes. This is the vocational archetype or pattern of the ‘wounded healer’, ubiquitous in the lives of many who enter the ‘helping’ professions.


Transforming Complexes as Pathways to Vocation

WINTER 2019: BREAK 25 July – 31 July

Module 3Family and Ancestral Complexes (1 August 2019)

A vocational call, often heralded by a troubling symptom or complex, may have the telos of mending an ancestral pattern or trauma.  We consider the idea that the complexes from which we suffer today may be a legacy of the wounds or complexes of our parents, grandparents, or more distant ancestors.


Module 4Cultural Complexes (8 August 2019)

Cultural complexes have the same characteristics as individual complexes, but they are experienced by the collective as well as by individuals within that group.  We’ll discuss complexes common to the Australian cultural psyche – how these affect us, and what they might ask of us.


Transforming Complexes as Pathways to Vocation

WINTER 2019: BREAK 15 August – 21 August

Module 5: Money as a Motivator and a Complex (22 August 2019)

It’s been said that money is one of the most neglected issues psychologically. At the core of our various money complexes – to hoard, to posture, to gift, to consume – bubble the energies of various archetypes.  In this module, we’ll look at how money functions paradoxically as both a motivator and a complex, and explore these dynamics in our own lives.  We will consider how money’s character, as a conduit of the imagination, has a great deal to do with the condition of the soul.  


Module 6: The Complex as Messenger of the Gods (29 August 2019)

A key to integrating a complex is to connect with its archetypal core.  In this final module, we will look more particularly at the link the complex provides between the personal and the archetypal, the individual and the universal.  We will consider how attending our complexes can lead us to authentic and meaningful vocational paths which may make a larger social contribution.   An exercise in the Jungian technique of Active Imagination will complete the course.


Readings and selected articles are provided upon course registration.

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Transforming Complexes as Pathways to Vocation