The first great problem in life is not to have a true calling; not to recognize the distinct pull of a true vocation. The problem is not the lack of a career, but the absence of a genuine vocation capable of provoking one’s genius and inspiring one’s heart.
— Michael Meade

If you’ve achieved a degree of proficiency or success at work, but are wrestling with deeper questions of meaning and purpose, or feeling a pull to birth some new project, venture or career direction (especially one that’s outside the box!), then a depth psychological approach to career development will benefit you  This program will also suit individuals who are intuitive and appreciate metaphor and imagination as modes of comprehension.

By awakening insight into each individual’s archetypal patterning and potential, this program offers practical applications for adults seeking a greater sense of meaning, fulfilment and purpose in their lives and work, or wishing to revitalise existing occupations or to forge new career directions.

Approaching work and career as a journey of soul changes the typical career question from 'What do I want to do?' to
'What does my soul want?'
'What is wanted at a level beyond and beneath consciousness?'  
'What is it within me that is seeking expression?'

This innovative program comprises a series of four separate courses (see below), which you may complete at your own pace.  Classes are offered via

  • face-to-face weekly meetings in Melbourne, or
  • (coming soon!) online lectures and discussion plus a weekend residential retreat for those in other cities or regions.  Contact us if you'd like to be notified as soon as the online/ residential format becomes available.

You'll learn from a stimulating mixture of lectures, books, articles, poetry, myth, movies, imagery and ritual, personal reflection, journaling, activities, and discussion. These are books and materials you will LOVE to have on your shelf!  

You will read deeply to understand the archetypal nature of callings, and the various ways by which the psyche guides individuals towards pursuits of meaning and purpose. 

Discussion in a small group draws on the collective wisdom and experiences of others and builds a supportive community of like-minded people.

PROGRAM Structure [Four 10-week courses]

Course 1: Hearing the call: an introduction to Jungian depth psychology and vocation

Course 2: Archetypal, mythic and cinematic perspectives on vocation

Course 3: Transforming complexes as pathways to vocation

Course 4: The art of living:  How the psyche guides vocation

Perhaps you are gestating a particular vocation that hasn’t existed before, one that will come into being in its own time, midwifed through your diligent attention day by day to your fascinations and talents, sensitivities and pains; a vocation which bodies forth as a courageous and loving and soulful response to the time and place and world in which we live. 
Or perhaps you’ll find a way to ensoul and revitalise your existing occupation, through bringing a deeper sensibility and imagination to what it could be. 

Although depth psychology may be valuable and applicable for people from all walks of life, please note that the required reading and level at which these courses are taught is most suitable for adults with a tertiary education (any discipline).  

To ensure the program is suitable for your needs, prospective participants are requested to complete an online application form.

Please contact us if you have any questions.