CJS1: Hearing the call: an introduction to Jungian depth psychology and vocation

“Until a person hears the call they have no idea where to stand in this world. They may have wealth or status, yet will have nothing genuine to stand upon and nothing truly to offer to others…. 
What truly calls to us would have us go beyond the usual limits.”
– Michael Meade

The original meaning of vocation is to be addressed by a voice. Today the phrase 'vocational education' commonly refers to learning the skills of a particular trade. However, the true meaning of vocation derives from the Latin vocatus, meaning 'calling'. 

Archetypal psychologist Thomas Moore described vocation as 'a calling from a place that is the source of meaning and identity, the roots of which lie beyond human intention and interpretation'.  Yet how do we hear this call, and how do we answer it?

This course begins with orienting participants to a classic approach to career development, identifying skills, interests, values and constraints, and exploring the value of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (based on CG Jung’s theory of psychological types) for career decision-making. All of this is extremely valuable for navigating your way in the world of work today.

Yet at the edges where conventional approaches to careers begin to fray, a depth psychological understanding of vocation comes into play.  This values the imagination and the unconscious – the psyche, which is the Greek word for soul – as a source of wisdom and guidance.  You will be introduced to Jung’s foundational ideas of the psyche, and to mythologist Joseph Campbell’s notion of the 'hero’s journey'. Understand their significance for uncovering and transforming old concepts, ideals and emotional patterns that may no longer serve you.  We will discuss ways by which individuals may be called, via symptoms such as depression and 'midlife crisis', beyond existing career paths into a deeper sense of vocation, and how to read and respond to these signs.

Wellspring detail (2000) Alison Berry.

Wellspring detail (2000) Alison Berry.

Participants will be guided to create their own archetypal blueprint as a compass for navigating vocation.  The course engages participants with activities, some homework and readings each week.

You will begin to re-imagine notions of work and calling in a framework of career inquiry and decision-making that includes collaboration with the psyche or soul.

This course is the first in the Career as a Journey of Soul certificate program, and prepares participants to enter CJS2: Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Perspectives on Vocation.

Course instructor:

Suzanne Cremen Davidson  PhD candidate (La Trobe), MA, MA (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW) with occasional guest lectures by Life Artistry faculty.

Course details:

  • Commences late 2016 according to expressions of interest
  • Venue: The Boardroom at The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Early bird discount available on application
  • A reading list of books to be purchased will be provided on registration.

To ensure personal attention, class size is limited.  To express your interest and ensure the program will be suitable for you, prospective participants are required to complete an online application form. A $100 (refundable) deposit is required on application to secure the early bird rate.

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