CJS4: The art of living:  How the psyche guides vocation

"A genuine path must lead us to the centre of our own life, for our life is a pilgrimage to find our awakened self."

– Michael Meade

What are the major ways by which the psyche – the Greek word for soul – guides a person towards vocation? 

In this course you’ll explore the synchronistic nature of vocation, as both an inner and outer phenomenon.  

Vocation arises by attuning to the liminal space between matter and spirit, and is lived on the edge between self and world.  The discovery of a life calling may be experienced as a transpersonal event, emerging as the result of an illuminating non-ordinary or mystical experience. This may happen spontaneously, or it may be something to which we extend an invitation.

History provides abundant examples of writers, artists, designers, architects, scientists and inventors for whom dreams have been a source of inspiration and problem-solving in their work, helping them to chart vocational directions outside the square.  Discover how paying attention to the images in your dreams can point the way forward to the authentic impulse at the root of your true vocation (Aizenstat, 2009).  We will look at ways in which inner guidance regarding vocation and life path may be received via the Vision Quest, the Jungian technique of Active Imagination, and mantic methods such as the tarot and archetypal astrology.

Wellspring detail (2000) Alison Berry.

Wellspring detail (2000) Alison Berry.

You’ll receive instruction and gain practice in a variety of methods, as a starting point for your personal practice.

Participants will learn to listen for the ways in which the natural world and the experience of synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) speak to their unfolding vocation.

Let's not forget, the psyche has a trickster aspect too!  We will also consider the ways by which we can trust and verify these calls.

This course is the fourth in the Career as a Journey of Soul certificate program, which begins in late 2016 with CJS1:  Hearing the Call: An introduction to Jungian depth psychology and vocation.