Good food for the soul includes anything that promotes intimacy...
— Thomas Moore

The Life Artistry Centre is delighted to host a biannual Dinner and Conversation evening in Melbourne for graduates of our Career as a Journey of Soul program.

These intimate and convivial gatherings are a perfect way to meet and deepen friendships with other course participants, to discover how others are drawing on depth insights to navigate their own vocational journeys, and to share stories, insights and experiences.

By invitation only to graduates and current participants in Life Artistry courses, these evenings are a special and fun opportunity to connect with a warm and thoughtful community of like-souled others from interesting and diverse backgrounds, who share a common language and consciousness of psyché.    

Magical, life-changing synchronicities can and do occur when you put yourself in the right place at the right time with resonant people!

Please contact us with enquiries.