Retire Your Family Karma: Decode Your Family Pattern and Find Your Soul Path

Book by Ashok Bedi, MD and Boris Matthews, PhD; 2003, Nicolas-Hays, Inc., Berwick, Maine

In our psychiatric and analytic practices, we have worked with many women and men who have carried the burden of their family’s best achievements, worst failures, and unrealized dreams. They have learned to identify all kinds of ancestral legacies that divert them from actualizing their unique mix of innate potentials. When these women and men recognized their karmic inheritance and settled their family’s karmic accounts, they cleared the way to redirect their energies more in accord with their true path and passion, their soul’s calling.
— Ashok Bedi, MD, Author 'Retire Your Family Karma'

Author seminar: 25 November 2017, University College, Melbourne

We reap what we sow, but we also reap what others before us have sown. If we do this unconsciously, we find ourselves victims of unfortunate circumstances, but if we are conscious of what we have taken on from our family legacy, we can turn it around. In this seminar, we learn to recognise our karmic inheritance and settle our family's karmic accounts so we can redirect our energies in accord with our own true path.

In clinical practice, we learn that it is the future generations who reap the benefits but must also retire the karmic debt of their grandparents and ancestors. This seminar integrates the ancient wisdom of the Hindu traditions with the latest insights psychology and psychoanalysis offer in understanding the dynamic of family karma and how to resolve it. In breakouts we examine the authenticity of your career choices and how your family karma impacts these.  

Join the Author in Melbourne for a full day seminar on 25 November 2017 to lay the foundations for a transformational course on your complexes, often an attempt to heal a childhood wound, as unconscious pathways to your vocation.

the book

The book is full of practical tools for clearing the overgrowth of family karma in your life: journal exercises help you become conscious of your family karma, tracking family patterns by mapping your family tree; examining your chakra blockages or overactivity; and working with dreams as well as psychological challenges. Advice is included for adopted people who might be unaware of their birth parents' karma, and information is provided on how to track family origins.

'This is a great book - readable, practical and innovative. Strange-sounding words like 'karma,' 'dharma,' and 'maya' become clearly understood and seen as relevant to the reader's own life. Karma is cause and inevitable effect. It can come from personal actions or influences of family and culture. Bedi and Matthews cite strong evidence for past lives influencing the one we are now living. Dharma, like the Jungian Self, constantly nudges us toward individuation. Maya means that any view of reality is only a partial view of true Reality. Many examples, including ones from the authors' own lives ground these concepts. Frequent journal exercises show how to find and dissolve your unconscious karma. This book has helped me in my own life review. It will help you too.'

~ James A. Hall, Author Jungian Dream Interpretation: A Handbook of Theory & Practice, The Jungian Experience, and others

Reviews on Amazon

'This is a really good book combining Jungian Psychology with the wisdom of the Eastern Chakra system to bring home the point that what we are experiencing in our lifetime is just one chapter in the larger story of our lineage. The book inspires one to tap into the inherited gifts to change what can be changed and to accept what cannot with grace and the knowledge that even in simply accepting we are "doing" something for retiring the family karma. Highly recommend this book for healing the pain from long term issues.' ~ Rama Krishnan

'Karma is a Hindu concept that emphasizes the consequences of the choices we make. This book applies the concept of karma to the family matrix. It shows how we are affected by the choices of previous generations of our ancestors and how the choices we make in our lifetime will affect several generations after. It emphasizes the concept of responsibility to ourselves and those who follow us.

The book illustrates many concepts, drawing from clinical cases, the bible, mythology and history. They cover such concepts as maya, karma, and dharma along with the chakras of Kundalini Yoga and morphogenic fields. Numerous Jungian concepts are also delineated including archetypal patterns, complexes and dream analysis. Finally, there is a chapter on constructing family genograms.

The authors clearly illustrate how we may subconsciously carry on patterns of family karma which ultimately get in the way of actualizing our full potential. It is emphasized that we must become conscious of these subconscious patterns to understand ourselves better, leading to more informed choices. Only then may we free ourselves and those who follow us from maladaptive generational patterns. This "retiring" of family karma leads us closer to our true calling (dharma).
Several sections may require more than one reading for a deeper understanding, as the authors attempt to cover a lot of ground in this book. (One might refer to Dr. Bedi's book, Path to the Soul, for further elaboration on certain topics.) The reader may struggle with various concepts, as I did, such as past life karma and certain aspects of morphogenic fields. Ultimately though, the authors define a way of understanding individual and family dynamics in a broader psychological and spiritual context.' ~ Amazon Customer

'It has been said that every journey begins with a separation - that one must leave somewhere to get somewhere else. Drs. Bedi and Matthews, authors of the book "Retire Your Family Karma" provide the reader with a road map for the journey to psychic individuation, autonomy, and freedom by psychologically separating themselves from the generational legacies that interfere with self actualization. They use the Hindu concepts of karma, maya, and chakra as the metaphors for the understanding of the unfinished "psychic business" of previous generations (i.e. grandparents). Importantly, they note the impact of the unconscious on relationships, choices, and actions and their subsequent consequences in peoples lives. Clinical vignettes are especially helpful in illustrating and integrating the material they write about.

Throughout the book the authors provide outlines for journal exercises that can help the reader develop awareness, understanding, and responsibility for retiring the bad karma while honoring and empowering the good karma; a process that may enable them to develop a narrative of their lives that is not just fragments but a narrative that is coherent and leads to the cohesion of ones self.' ~ Rvngrff

The Author - the seminar presenter

Ashok Bedi MD, DLFAPA, RCPsych is a Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and a Training Analyst and a faculty member at the Analyst Training Program at the Carl G. Jung Institute of Chicago. Among other notable achievements, Ashok leads the annual 'In the Footsteps of Carl Jung in India' study group to several centres in India under the auspices of the New York Jung Foundation.   

Dr Bedi is interested in the emerging frontiers of Spirituality and Healing and the synapses of the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. He is author of the books Path to the Soul, Weiser Books, 2000;  Awaken the Slumbering Goddess: The Latent Code of the Hindu Goddess Archetypes, Booksurge Publishers, 2007, Crossing the Healing Zone: From Illness to Wellness, Nicholas-Hays, Inc., 2013 and co-author of Retire Your Family Karma: Decode Your Family Pattern and Find Your Soul Path, Nicholas-Hays, Inc., 2003.

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Retire your Family Karma

Accompanying Seminar BOOK Table of Contents*

by Ashok Bedi, MD and Boris Matthews, PhD; 2003, Nicholas Hays, Inc., Berwick, Maine

PART I: Tracing Your Family Karma

Chapter 1:  Beginning the Work of Retiring Your Family Karma

Chapter 2:  What is Karma?
- Means and Ends
- The Three Sources of Karma
- The Matrix of Karma
- Journal Exercises
- Repetition and Reversal

Chapter 3:  Evidence for Karma in Ancient and Modern Legends
- Family Karma in the Bible
- Family Karma in the House of Atreus
- Violent Death in the Kennedy Dynasty

Chapter 4:  Exploring the Family Dynamics of Our Relationships
- The Authors' Experience with Family Karma
- The Importance of Relationships to Our Soul Growth

Chapter 5:  How We Inherit Family Karma
- The Unconscious
- Family Complexes and the Word-Association Experiments
- Morphogenic Fields and the Kundalini Chakras
- Family Legacy in the Seven Chakras
- First-Chakra Family Karma: Tom's Horror of Insecurity
- Second-Chakra Family Karma: Karen's Sexual Fantasies
- Third-Chakra Family Karma: Edward the Benevolent Tyrant
- Fourth-Chakra Family Karma: Sex with the Stepson
- Fifth-Chakra Family Karma: Ann Finds Her Voice
- Sixth-Chakra Family Karma: Ruth Emerges as a Leader
- Seventh-Chakra Family Karma: Esther Hears the Whispers of the Sacred

PART II: Working Out Your Family Karma

Chapter 6:  Clues to Karma and How to Sort Them Out
- Where Do We Start: Awareness, Knowledge, Responsibility
- Tools for the Search
- Family Karma and Adopted Children
- Relationship Patterns and Problems
- Examining Our Parents' and Relatives' Relationships
- Career Choices
- Fantasies
- Complexes
- How to work with Complexes
- Fascinations and Antipathies
- Psychiatric and Medical Conditions and Chakra Imbalances
- Dreams
- Working with Dreams
- Tragic Events

Chapter 7:  Mapping Your Family Karma
- Basic Components of the Genogram
- Using the Genogram to Map Family Karma
- Setting Up Your Genogram

Chapter 8:  Encouragement for your Soul Journey
- What Do You Do after You've Identified Family Karma
- The Archetypal Pattern
- The Courage to Become Yourself

- Additional Reading
- Genealogy

Journaling Exercises*

Chapter 1
- Are You Locked into Your Family Karma?
Chapter 2
- Looking at Your Values and Your Reality
Chapter 4
- Relationships that Secure my Soul
- Relationships that Challenge My Soul
- Relationships that Befriend My Soul
- Filling in the Gap
Chapter 5
- Your Root Chakra
- Your Second Chakra
- Your Third Chakra
- Your Fourth Chakra
- Your Fifth Chakra
- Your Sixth Chakra
- Your Seventh Chakra

Chapter 6
- Family Legends and Rumors
- Where Are Your Roots
- Exploring Relationship Patterns and Family Karma
- Examining the Authenticity of Your Career Choice
- What Do Your Fantasies Reveal?
- Working with Fascinations and Antipathies
- Dealing with Family Tragedies

Chapter 7
- Your Annotated Genogram
Chapter 8
- How Things Look Now

* Copyright (c) 2003 Ashok Bedi and Boris Matthews

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