How do we hear the work we are called to do? 
How can we cultivate the soul-spark in ourselves, our communities,
and our environments?


The Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination and Vocation offers quality educational courses, seminars and forums which stimulate the mind, tend the soul and nurture the emergence of individuals’ unique vocations, informed by the wisdom traditions of Jungian and archetypal (depth) psychology.


Photos from the Life Artistry Opening Reception and seminars on The Archetypal Basis of Calling.

Wellspring (2000) Alison Berry.

Wellspring (2000) Alison Berry.


Valuing the wellspring of the imagination, depth psychology calls attention to the importance of what lies below the surface of conscious awareness. These unconscious dimensions of psychic reality are revealed in the literature, images and art of all cultures, as well as in the dreams, symptoms, and mythology of individuals and communities.

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Ready to take the next step? Join us for transformative, therapeutic and educational experiences which foster an engaged relationship with the mysteries of the psyche. From this place new possibilities emerge for meaningful career and work directions. We offer certificate programs, courses and seminars taught by an inspiring and caring faculty, including leading international teachers. 

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