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Prior to joining his wife Suzanne to launch the Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination and Vocation in Melbourne, James was the founder and publishing director of scholarly, college & professional publishing house eContent Management Pty Ltd. With degrees in molecular biology and ecology, informatics, and science and society, James worked in senior publishing positions from 1976 with Elsevier (Amsterdam), AMPCo (Medical Journal of Australia), Butterworths, McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins, Pearson, Thomson Reuters and Sage Publications (Sydney) before establishing and developing eContent Management from Maleny in 2002. In early 2015, James completed the transfer of the company's eleven health and social science research journals and its booklist to Routledge/ Taylor & Francis.

Influenced by the pioneering research in ecology and work in public governance of his grandfathers, James' initial studies at the University of Adelaide were in biology, philosophy and mathematics. He was drawn to the fragile, pervasive, multilayered biological cycles and interconnections throughout our ecosphere; the functions of symbolism, mimicry, sound and movement patterns in communication behaviour; and the beauty of dynamic mathematical forms in art, music and nature. He has long been an advocate for sustainable development, social justice, corporate responsibility, cultural diversity, the arts, public health, gender and educational equity. His Master's thesis explored the drivers of innovation in regional development. James speaks English and Dutch, and enjoys dancing Tango.

James published poetry in the student press, performed in university revues, directed and produced eight plays in English during his ten years in Amsterdam, later joining the poet David Whyte at his Harvest & Pilgrimage retreat in Tuscany (2014). In parallel to multiple executive development courses in professional life, meditation, yoga, men's wellbeing and family constellation retreats, James has attended courses at Pacifica Graduate Institute (Mythic Writing), Regenerative Design Institute (Ecology of Leadership), Esalen (Integral Transformative Practice), and joined Ashok Bedi MD (The C.G. Jung Foundation of New York) on a Jungian Encounter with the Soul of India (Rajasthan, 2010).

Alongside his duties as managing director of eContent Management Pty Ltd, James served on the boards of the APA Scholarly Journals Committee, Maleny Credit Union (chair 2006), Hinterland Business Centre, Barung Landcare Association, International Society for Pedagogies & Learning, and earlier, InPlayers International Theatre Amsterdam; he is currently Honorary Treasurer of the C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc (est. 1962). James is past fellow of the American Marketing Association, associate fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, fellow Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast and current adjunct fellow, Faculty of Arts & Business, University of the Sunshine Coast, among other associations; he has been an active member of the Australian Conservation Foundation since 1987. As principal consultant at Your Publishing Profile, James provides mentoring services to authors bringing their gifts to the world, with publishing projects which seek to make a constructive environmental, societal and personal contribution.

James serves behind the scenes to help usher in the vision of the Life Artistry Centre.

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