What people say about Life Artistry Centre courses and seminars

"Thank-you again for last weekend's retreat. It was such a wonderful experience and everything about it has resonated with me! You were so welcoming and made the space feel both safe and inviting. It was amazing to know that at each moment of the day I could attend a class that gave me so much new information and insight or speak with someone over a meal who shares a deep connection with themselves and nature."

Dana, Speech Pathologist

"The whole weekend was a treat, let alone a retreat!! To be immersed and steeped in mythology and soul-making, to see the stars, to be cared for with such hospitality - good food, comfy bed - and to get to know and share deeply with some convivial soul-siblings was just delightful!"

Pam Blamey, Creative Arts Therapist

“I recently attended a retreat entitled “Psyche, Nature and Cosmos - Reimagining Inner and Outer Worlds” which was organised by Life Artistry Centre and held at Country Place in the beautiful Dandenong Mountains . What a wonderful, soul-nurturing experience it was! The presenters, Safron Rossi and Glen Slater, guided us on a journey from Alchemy, Archetype and Astronomy all the way to Zeus with some delightful mid-alphabet stops along the way. There was time for intellectual discussion and deep inner experience, including connection with Nature and stargazing with wonder and delight. This was all co-ordinated by Suzanne and James with their familiar attention to detail, generosity and warmth. The participants were delightful mix of people from various backgrounds who engaged enthusiastically in the processes. Memories and musings are still swirling within me. I am looking forward with great anticipation to participating in further activities from Life Artistry Centre, for Archetype, Imagination and Vocation!”

Monica Sharwood, Retired Psychologist

"I have found all the Life Artistry courses and seminars immensely enriching and life-changing. Suzanne has a wonderful way of bringing to life the hidden meanings and impulses in her commentary to our posts. The work goes on long after each module or course has finished."

Diane, Artist and Therapist

"I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the online program. I look forward to each new week. This course has been an answer to prayer really. I needed so badly something that would get the imagination, reflection and creative juices flowing again. I was feeling suffocated by the pressures of work which although it provides great rewards for me, I was caught up in protocols and processes that allowed little of the original passion that I felt for my work. To read how others were also engaging in this work and extracting such deep reflections and insights was encouraging and inspiring to me.

I feel that I am engaging in soul work that resonates deeply. And I hope that I am bringing to consciousness new ways of being and doing. I have noticed a difference in my career work with students. I feel that I am listening more effectively, responding with greater perception and generally enjoying my conversations with them in a new, lighter, yet strangely deeper level. In my career teaching in higher education I feel so much more passion for ensuring I facilitate holistic approaches to the work.

Again Suzanne I cannot thank you enough for the excitement I find in the readings and your deep knowledge and perceptive responses to our comments. I am so glad I found Life Artistry and I hope that the people I recommend to your work take up the call to join you."

Jo Mawdsley, Career Educator and Counsellor

“Career as a Journey of Soul provides a unique, inspiring and personalised approach to vocational calling. The lectures are beautifully presented and jam-packed with rich, thought-provoking material. Suzanne provides intuitive and beautiful commentary that invites new perspectives and shifts in self-understanding. I also really benefited from hearing other people’s journeys and could hear so many aspects of my own story reflected back. The course material and Suzanne’s commentary has really opened up new avenues of vocational exploration for me and I’m so pleased! A superb and highly recommended course.”

 – Alex, Psychologist

"This was a beautiful, enriching and nourishing experience for me. Each day was totally absorbing to me intellectually, emotionally and soulfully. Time flew by so quickly, I could hardly believe eight hours had passed!

There is a lot of material floating about these days around spirituality, psychology and the soul. But what made this weekend unique for me was the rigour, scholarship and lived soulfulness of each of the presenters. Glen Slater and Safron Rossi. The content was trustworthy and had a depth I could sink into. I have come away with a new sensibility or perspective with which to engage my psychic life. Thank you for creating a space for such a quality exchange."

Susie, Academic Researcher 

"I found this course profound both as an introduction to depth psychology through the lens of vocation and as a powerful precursor to deep awareness and personal change in my approach to career, calling and vocation. My whole life has changed as a result of the insights that arose out of this inquiry into vocation. Suzanne is a wonderful teacher and guide and is bringing a much needed creative access to depth psychology in Australia. Highly recommended."

–  Delaney Jane, Steiner High School Director

“Dear Suzanne, just a final note of appreciation for what has been an important and very useful 8-week interlude within ‘my short personal journey between 2 mysteries’.  A regular return each week to your voice provided a warm wise and welcome continuity for this course and a reassuring story-like quality to the external narrative that accompanied our exploration of our own inner lives. Thanks too for listening so carefully to our personal stories and for responding with such delicacy to our posts.”

  Geoff, Medical Educator

"I would like to take the opportunity to really thank you for all the knowledge and guidance you shared with us in this course. It truly has been life changing for me. Keep doing the fantastic work you do and I hope to meet you someday in person."

– Adriana Toro, Nurse 

“Thank you again for an excellent weekend, not just for the outstanding and user-friendly scholarship so ably presented, but also for the creative and generous spirit pervading the organisation and logistics of the event. Terrific."

  Chris Caldwell, Psychologist and Dream Therapist

"I have found this course in Depth Psychology extremely interesting and beneficial in regard to illuminating the unconscious meanings behind career choices and one's path in life in general. The readings and the lectures were chosen to assist participants to realize and acknowledge their unconscious guidance at work. Taking this course has been a fascinating journey for me; and the interest has been heightened by being able to share for a short time the journeys of awakening of the other course participants. I would recommend this course for any person at any stage of their life's career journey. It has been of immense assistance to us all in seeing where we have been and why and hopefully enabling us to set a more conscious course for the future."

– Rosemary Harper, Retired Social Worker and Nature Lover

"I have attended other seminars throughout last year at the Life Artistry Centre and felt like I had woken up and have become more self-aware. They have made an impact on my thinking and the way I approach my teaching with my students. I found it so comforting being with others at the seminars who felt the same way that I did and were looking for something more meaningful.

I have absolutely loved doing the Career as a Journey of Soul course. It has been challenging, confronting, rich and stimulating. The part in which we explore persona, self, ego and shadows threw me into a tail spin trying to grasp the concepts but also questioning where I am at. I feel like I have come home to myself, rediscovered parts of who I am; those that are in the light and also those that are in shadow. Thank you so much for the wonderful rich material. I am feeling slightly sad about coming to the end, but realise with every ending there is a new beginning."

– Heather, Secondary Art Teacher

“Thank you so much for this course. I have loved every minute of it, and feel grateful for the guidance of such wise and compassionate instructors – Suzanne and also Ahok Bedi at the seminar. The course has been particularly beneficial in helping me to embrace and accept my whole self, not just my conscious self. Starting to live this way is incredibly liberating. Also, acknowledging the impact of ancestors on my life, and engaging the Jungian framework. I’ve found the key to understanding myself! Using the framework, so many things in my life and past make so much more sense now. My favourite part of the course was reading Suzanne’s responses to our posts which always deepened and broadened my understanding in every direction."

Kylee R. Public Policy Manager

“Thanks again Suzanne, I wanted to share that I found the Deep Psychology of Money workshop to be a powerful experience because it allowed me to engage with gendered, mythological and family threads I hold around money. For a topic that is rarely looked at in our culture, and often seen as taboo – your insight, depth and playful sense of humour made the session engaging and enjoyable. I liked the way all the paradoxical complexities of money were held open, and in particular the way creative potential of money as a pathway to integration was unpacked. The case studies and group process were interesting and moving. You created a safe, rich and nuanced atmosphere to learn and share. The flavour of your teaching was inviting and I feel a new sense of energy and potential around this topic both personally and professionally. Highly recommend and looking forward to future learning with Life Artistry Centre!”

Meeray Ghaly, Psychotherapist and Artist

"I attended the opening weekend seminars of the Life Artistry Centre in 2016, with the intention to discern a deeper purpose and quality in my work beyond conventional standards and to understand the gentle but relentless sense of calling I have to a meaningful vocation and life. There was a soulful community energy present, which helped facilitate a safe and deep sharing of reflections and insights on the journey towards authentic vocation.

Throughout the presentations by Glen, Safron, and Suzanne I began to feel an eruption of new ideas, renewed dreams, and fresh healing insights. Since then I have been reflecting on these insights and my vocational path, by moving my attention to the margins of my consciousness and listening into the multiple 'voices' and images that had been previously exiled. A new way of being in the world is slowly emerging within me. I am listening and nurturing my inspirations with a new ‘lens’, which was born out of the seminar with Life Artistry."

 Leigh Johnston, Psychologist

“I LOVED this course. Over the past 20 years I have had many questions in relation to my vocation and various careers and for me this questioning has created its fair share of worry and concern. After completing this course I felt more at peace with my vocational exploration and discovered ways to approach my exploration in a more imaginative way, thank you so much Suzanne!

– Rochelle, Artist and Academic Researcher

"Thanks again for having me on board as part of Career as a Journey of Soul. It's been a fantastic ride and a really eye-opening, mind-opening, soul-refreshing experience! The progress and the shift of energy that I feel I have undergone in just a few short weeks of being in the focussed space that the course has provided has been incredible.

I have really enjoyed the written response and forum format of this course. I feel like in addition to having learned a great deal in terms of knowledge of the inner processes of the psyche, which I have found to be absolutely fascinating in itself, this course has also helped me to cultivate a greater sense of compassion, understanding and peace around who I am, how I best function in the world, and where my greatest challenges and difficulties lie. This, I feel, has been an absolutely invaluable and powerful gift of healing that I will always feel very grateful for.

I have also found the group dynamic of this course to be an equally valuable experience. Being able to share and learn from a group of 'like-souled' people who are all taking part in a shared journey has, I feel, really reinforced and amplified the transformational power of this process. Most of all I have to say that it's always such a relief to be able to look around and realise 'I'm not the only one'.

I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in this course. As it comes to a close, the number one feeling that I'm left with is excitement; excitement about the until-now unrecognised possibilities that now seem to be gradually materialising, excitement to continue to learn and explore the fascinating world of depth psychology, and excitement at the prospect of sense of Self/self-empowerment that could come from consciously integrating this knowledge into everyday life!"

 – Emile, age 24, Melbourne

“I am grateful that I found this course and this, in itself, this is an example of synchronicity. After being retrenched with my team 3 months ago, I've been able to use this time (how precious is that) for reading and reflection. Your feedback Suzanne and the material and openness of the group members have been both affirming and normalising.

One of the most important learnings for me from these weeks has been recognising that both struggle and uncertainty are intrinsic to the soul work of understanding our calling. To have companions along the way has been strengthening and humbling...it has both shrunk me and enlarged me in all the right ways. The reading has been wonderful, full of guidance, direction, help, challenge and encouragement, nourishing at the deepest level. In a sense my head has lifted from looking down at my feet, up to the horizon.”

 Margaret, Social Worker

"Initially, I wondered if I would really get anything out of this course – if I may be repeating a career / vocation exploration pathway similar to things I had done in the past. But this course provided me with new information and knowledge around the concept of vocation, and the phases and pathways in life. I found great value in the reading material provided and viewing vocation from a completely different perspective. I gained much greater insight into myself and my intrinsic behaviour through the depth psychological process. I feel much more at peace, and have much more clarity about how my career can form an extension of my soul's vocation."

– Josie, Learning and Development Consultant

"I have loved this course! The lectures, readings and discussions have carried me across an ocean of new understanding, and despite having not one but two dreams of being on a boat that is capsizing, I've managed to keep my head above water. Thank-you Suzanne, for bringing this course material to us all in such a dynamic and stimulating format, and for all of your thoughtful comments along the way. Thank-you, too, to the other members of the course who have witnessed the movements of my soul."

– Sarah, Psychiatrist

"This course has been very helpful, both on a personal and professional level. 

Personally,I was raised in a monotheistic tradition and I think that despite developing a broader spiritual perspective, I had subconsciously dismissed mythology and all its gifts. This course gave me a new and deeper perspective and I am sure the gifts from this will continue to unfold.

Professionally I have always been most interested in client's stories and helping them identify their personal themes (as opposed to the sharper job-search side of things) so your approach has given me another layer to tap into which I am very grateful for.

I found the structure and delivery of the course worked very well and helped motivate me  on an ongoing basis; it was always a pleasure to open up the week’s content and see what might be next. I really appreciated reading everyone’s reflections and learnt much from them also."

– Michelle Mearns, Career Coach

"I was a bit uncertain as to what this course would be about and if I would get value.  But I was ready for a new experience and learning something new so I thought I’d give it a go.  I’m glad I did. 

The Archetypal, Mythic and Cinematic Approaches to Vocation course was great and I am really glad to have learned so much about something that in retrospect I knew so little about. For the first time, I was able to identify a vocational leaning for myself that was not simply a product of my rational mind. Going back to early memories was much more powerful and insightful. Overall I have learned a lot about archetypes, which has contributed greatly to my ability with tarot and my work as an organisational change manager.  Both were key focus areas for this study and the results have definitely come through for me.   But I also realise that this is a beginning and that I have so much more to learn.  

Thanks very much for this experience – it’s a life changer." 

– Ché Broekman, Senior Organisational Change Manager

"I found the 'Ensouling our Work' seminar to be rich, informative, and engaging. Both Suzanne Cremen and David Tacey are wonderful presenters and experts in their fields. I recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to gain a broader insight into the topic of vocation; the information delivered was unique and helped me to place vocation within a developmental perspective, which I found very helpful.”

– Rochelle, Artist and Academic Researcher

"I have attended a number of Life Artistry events and always found them to be of the highest quality and well worth the investment of time and resources.

The presentations at the 'Ensouling our Work' Seminar were as usual thoughtfully considered and most enlivening. Dr Suzanne Cremen and Professor David Tacey coordinated their talks with great attention to detail and delivered their thoughts with the spirit of animation and personal devotion to topic, that lifts all such material into a realm of contribution that provokes the deepest response within the hearer. The quality of engagement among the participants was outstanding as a result. There were many memorable moments during the day, which was thoroughly well-organized for maximum benefit.

Thank you to Life Artistry for its continued commitment to excellence!"

– Sheila Lamont-Stacey, Vice President, C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc.