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The Feminine Face of Power: Becoming Transformational Elders

  • The Augustine Centre 2 Minona Street Hawthorn, VIC 3122 Australia (map)

A workshop by Dr Cynthia King (USA)

Many people born and raised in so-called ‘Western’ or Eurocentric societies have experienced being men/male and women/female as living within discrete gender boxes, which determine access to opportunities, choices, and the power to have a measure of control over our own (and perhaps others’) lives. These separate boxes often result in disconnects within ourselves and between each other.

In this evening workshop, we will examine how ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ characteristics are assigned to people, ideas, organizations, and even the natural world. As we recognize the blends of masculine and feminine characteristics that we all have, we see how they are woven into our psyches, our experiences, and our approaches to self-identity, relationships, work interactions, and into all stages of our lives. Therefore, this workshop is appropriate for both men and women, and for people of all ages.

We also tend to have stereotypes about having and expressing power; that it means having influence and control. Alternative actions/systems of power incorporate partnerships and authentic collaboration. Adopting different manifestations of power has the potential to break open our perceived gender limitations, redefine our relationships, and transform our world.

The concept of what it means to be an ‘elder’ will be examined, along with the archetypes that are currently active in our lives, and how they might be affecting our life transitions. Participants will have the opportunity for self-reflection and identification of practical approaches to reframing our approaches to gender, to power, and to developing an understanding of what it means to grow into being an ‘elder’.

We will incorporate wisdom stories, myths, and archetypal images from a variety of cultural traditions as we seek to rebalance the ‘masculine’, ‘feminine’, and power aspects of ourselves.

What will that rebalancing mean and require from each of us? How can we make changes in our interactions at home, at work, and in the world that affect desired outcomes? What are our unique gifts, waiting to be discovered as we explore being balanced and whole participants in our communities?

Family Tree  (2001) Alison Berry - detail

Family Tree (2001) Alison Berry - detail


Dr Cynthia King holds an MA degree in Intercultural Communication and a Doctorate in Mythology and Depth Psychology, with an emphasis on organizational applications.  She has over 30 years’ experience as a communication and organizational development consultant, university professor, facilitator, speaker, and trainer. She is the founder and principal of Communication Catalysts, an organizational consulting firm, and a founding partner in The Wisdom Way, through which she offers women’s retreats and guides ceremonies.

Cynthia has consulted with a wide variety of government agencies, small family and large multinational corporations, non-profit / social profit organizations, educational institutions, and community groups on a range of key organizational topics. Her focus on transformational leadership developed during her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, Central America. She is a certified mediator who is experienced in community and organisational conflict transformation. Cynthia has taught at organisations including California State University, Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, and Schumacher College in southern England.  She is the author of Creating Partnerships: Unleashing Collaborative Power in the Workplace (2005) and its training companion Creating Partnerships: A Field Guide for Collaboration (2010).  Cynthia has been a keynote speaker at a range of national and international conferences. Her research interests focus primarily on organisational mythology, communication strategies for peacemaking, and the interplay between masculine and feminine archetypes as we navigate life transitions.

Will this workshop suit me?

This workshop is appropriate for both men and women, and for people of all ages. It is particularly suitable for those who are concerned about the state of our world and have a calling to leadership in some capacity.   The level at which our courses are taught is designed for adults with a tertiary education (in any discipline).

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What participants have said about past seminars:

"I attended the opening weekend seminars of the Life Artistry Centre in 2016, with the intention to discern a deeper purpose and quality in my work beyond conventional standards and to understand the gentle but relentless sense of calling I have to a meaningful vocation and life. There was a soulful community energy present, which helped facilitate a safe and deep sharing of reflections and insights on the journey towards authentic vocation.

Throughout the presentations by Glen, Safron, and Suzanne I began to feel an eruption of new ideas, renewed dreams, and fresh healing insights. Since then I have been reflecting on these insights and my vocational path, by moving my attention to the margins of my consciousness and listening into the multiple 'voices' and images that had been previously exiled. A new way of being in the world is slowly emerging within me. I am listening and nurturing my inspirations with a new ‘lens’, which was born out of the seminar with Life Artistry."  

~ Leigh Johnston, Psychologist

"I found the 'Ensouling our Work' seminar to be rich, informative, and engaging. Both Suzanne Cremen and David Tacey are wonderful presenters and experts in their fields. I recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to gain a broader insight into the topic of vocation; the information delivered was unique and helped me to place vocation within a developmental perspective, which I found very helpful”

~ Rochelle C.,  Artist and Academic Researcher

“Thank you again for an excellent weekend, not just for the outstanding and user-friendly scholarship so ably presented, but also for the creative and generous spirit pervading the organisation and logistics of the event. Terrific!”

~ Chris Caldwell, Psychologist and Dream Therapist

"This was a beautiful, enriching and nourishing experience for me.  Each day was totally absorbing to me intellectually, emotionally and soulfully. Time flew by so quickly, I could hardly believe eight hours had passed! 

There is a lot of material floating about these days around spirituality, psychology and the soul. But what made this weekend unique for me was the rigour, scholarship and lived soulfulness of each of the presenters, Glen Slater and Safron Rossi. The content was trustworthy and had a depth I could sink into.

I have come away with a new sensibility or perspective with which to engage my psychic life. Thank you for creating a space for such a quality exchange."

~ Susie, Academic Researcher

"I have attended a number of Life Artistry events and always found them to be of the highest quality and well worth the investment of time and resources.
The presentations at the 'Ensouling our Work' Seminar were as usual thoughtfully considered and most enlivening. Dr Suzanne Cremen and Prof David Tacey coordinated their talks with great attention to detail and delivered their thoughts with the spirit of animation and personal devotion to topic, that lifts all such material into a realm of contribution that provokes the deepest response within the hearer. The quality of engagement among the participants was outstanding as a result. There were many memorable moments during the day, which was thoroughly well-organized for maximum benefit.  
Thank you to Life Artistry for its continued commitment to excellence!"

~ Sheila Lamont-Stacey, Vice President, C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc.


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Power Workshop 26 Oct 2017

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