The Re-enchantment of Work

A unique 6 week intensive online course

23 April – 17 June 2020 



Suzanne Cremen  PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology (Jungian & Archetypal Studies), MA Engaged Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW)

is the oldest form of medicine.”

~ C.G. Jung

Navigating our careers as a journey of soul ultimately asks that we come to engage the world with a kind of ‘double vision’.  We can view our work not only from the perspective of consensual, material reality, but become mindful too of another ever-present mythic, imaginal or psychic reality which runs alongside this. It is in living on the edge between these two worlds that the experience of a meaningful life and of one’s work as a soul calling arises.

being guided through the psyche in nature

When C.G. Jung (1933) wrote that, “'the psychic depths are nature, and nature is creative life” he was saying that psyche is, at root, nature. Jung’s words remind us that nature is the larger framework of the psyche.

In this course you will engage with selected readings and insights from Jungian and archetypal psychology, and the field of ecopsychology (which explores the relationship between ecological and psychological experiences) towards embodying a profound sense of soul-purpose in your life and work.  We will explore how deepening our engagement with the natural world — whether in the company of trees, animals or birds, attending to the ancient elements of nature, or in the desire for pilgrimage — offers an ever-present connection with the archetypal realm and an awakening of the soul’s calling.

Participants will deepen their previous introduction to the Jungian technique of Active Imagination, a method of dialogue between the conscious and unconscious mind, for gaining personal insight and guidance around the archetypal patterns and vicissitudes of their lives at work.

The synchronistic nature of vocation

Drawing upon an informed understanding of C.G. Jung’s theory of synchronicity (which he developed in collaboration with Nobel-prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli) and the psychoid nature of the archetype, we will consider the synchronistic nature of vocation, lived as a dialogue with an animated world. 

A profound experience of synchronicity can awaken us to the humbling yet re-enchanting sense that our life and vocation is part of some larger, radically interconnected yet mysterious whole or field. This has parallels in Buddhism’s metaphor of Indra’s Net, what medieval alchemy called the unus mundus and physicist David Bohm termed the ‘implicate order’.    

Archetypal astrology and the Tarot will be considered as two examples of synchronistic phenomena which can be engaged for vocational insight. You’ll receive guidance in exploring these practices and the opportunity to share your experiences, questions and insights.  We will consider how the ability to ‘think synchronistically’ can help us to discern and act on career opportunities for meaningful work.

Terra_Cognita cropped smaller.jpg

Lastly, crafting a life with allegiance to these ‘two worlds’ — of both literal, material reality, and an imaginal, mythic or psychic reality — is an immensely rewarding but perennially challenging task! We will consider the benefits, pitfalls and the necessity for cultivating discernment along this path.

Online learning takes place through a stimulating mix of lectures, readings, theoretical perspectives, lived experience and real-life stories, examples from films, experiential activities, reflection, discussions and personal feedback from the instructor, Dr Suzanne Cremen.

A reading list of books and articles will be provided on registration.

Convenient online course format

The online format is so convenient as you can work each week at a time and place to suit you. Students are frequently surprised by how conducive the online space can be for personal reflection, connection with others and soulwork.  Each online course has a limited of participants to ensure personal attention from the instructor, Dr Suzanne Cremen. 

Will this course benefit me?

The required reading and level at which our courses are taught is designed for adults with a tertiary education (any discipline).

This course is designed for women and men who have already completed a minimum of two other courses in the Life Artistry Centre series. It will appeal to those who are seeking methods and insights for collaborating more imaginatively and creatively with the psyche towards the re-enchantment of their own work and careers in this emerging age of the Anthropocene, as well as to those in the helping professions who desire to facilitate an enlivened sensibility of the psyche or soul with their clients.

Course Prerequisites

As a prerequisite to this course, applicants will have completed at least two of the three previous courses in this program:

  1. Career as a Journey of Soul: Introduction to a depth psychological approach to vocation

  2. Archetypal, Mythic & Cinematic Perspectives on Vocation

  3. Transforming Complexes as Pathways to Vocation 


Dr Suzanne Cremen  PhD (La Trobe), MA Depth Psychology (Jungian & Archetypal Studies), MA Engaged Humanities & Mythological Studies (Pacifica, USA), LLB, BA (UNSW)

Please contact Suzanne if you have any questions. 

Continuing Professional Development
Members of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) receive 10 OPD (ongoing professional development) hours on completion of this course. A certificate of completion is provided.

What PARTICIPANTS have said about our past courses:

"I have loved this course! The lectures, readings and discussions have carried me across an ocean of new understanding, and despite having not one but two dreams of being on a boat that is capsizing, I've managed to keep my head above water. Thank-you Suzanne, for bringing this course material to us all in such a dynamic and stimulating format, and for all of your thoughtful comments along the way. Thank-you, too, to the other members of the course who have witnessed the movements of my soul." – Sarah, Psychiatrist

“Dear Suzanne, just a final note of appreciation for what has been an important and very useful 8-week interlude within ‘my short personal journey between 2 mysteries’.  A regular return each week to your voice provided a warm wise and welcome continuity for this course and a reassuring story-like quality to the external narrative that accompanied our exploration of our own inner lives. Thanks too for listening so carefully to our personal stories and for responding with such delicacy to our posts.”–  Geoff, Medical Educator

"I have found all the Life Artistry courses and seminars immensely enriching and life-changing. Suzanne has a wonderful way of bringing to life the hidden meanings and impulses in her commentary to our posts. The work goes on long after each module or course has finished." Diane, Artist and Therapist

“A unique, inspiring and personalised approach to vocational calling. The lectures are beautifully presented and jam-packed with rich, thought-provoking material. Suzanne provides intuitive and beautiful commentary that invites new perspectives and shifts in self-understanding. I also really benefited from hearing other people’s journeys and could hear so many aspects of my own story reflected back. The course material and Suzanne’s commentary has really opened up new avenues of vocational exploration for me and I’m so pleased! A superb and highly recommended course.” – Alex, Psychologist

“I LOVED this course. Over the past 20 years I have had many questions in relation to my vocation and various careers and for me this questioning has created its fair share of worry and concern. After completing this course I felt more at peace with my vocational exploration and discovered ways to approach my exploration in a more imaginative way, thank you so much Suzanne!" – Rochelle, Artist and Academic Researcher

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To ensure personal attention, class size is limited to 8–10. The online course is currently limited to residents of Australia and New Zealand.  Interested people who live outside Australia and New Zealand are invited to contact us for course information.

Partial scholarships may be available for people who would benefit from this work and are unable to participate for financial reasons. Staged payment options may also be available. If this applies to you, please indicate your situation on the application form.

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